Maxine Thomas-Asante L.L.B.

Public Speaker | Blogger | Masters Student 

Statement of Intention

We live in a world full of potential and opportunity. Despite this, we face pervasive, structural issues. I enjoy questioning and deconstructing social norms with this in mind. I am passionate about being an active part in improving the lives of others and innovatively contributing to solutions for some of the structural inequalities we are witnessing today. Having danced competitively since childhood, I am a strong believer in the value of the arts in bringing people together across cultures.

About Maxine

Maxine is an MSc student studying International Social and Public Policy at the LSE. Having previously studied Law, she developed an interest in understanding how law and policy are experienced by different communities and demographics. This speaks to Maxine’s passion for equality, particularly racial equality. As a result of her work on race equality Maxine has spoken for Universities UK, Westminster Briefing, Times Higher Education, and has contributed towards a Guardian article by Harriet Swain

Beginning this work through the student movement, she served as Co-President: Democracy and Education at SOAS Students’ Union in 19/20. Prior to this, during her final year of undergraduate study, she co-launched ‘Bridging the Gap: a Student Collective’. This initiative raised awareness of the racial attainment gap among students; gathered qualitative research through focus groups;  proposed solutions for the law department; and launched a professional BAME mentoring scheme.

Services Available

Maxine is available to deliver talks, facilitate workshops and implement the MAX Method of race equality policy evaluation. 


Talks and Moderation

Maxine is able to deliver talks, grounded in her extensive research on race equality in the UK. These talks can be pre-prepared or customised for a specific area of interest. Similarly, Maxine can moderate panel discussions for events.


Interactive Workshops

People often learn best when they are able to actively interact with new concepts and material. If you want to empower your team to know more about how inequalities function and how we can challenge this, an interactive workshop might be what your institution needs.


The MAX Method (Coming Soon)

Challenging and overcoming inequalities requires infrastructure. The MAX method combines extensive literature reviews of the institution and a unique participative approach for key stakeholders contributing to tailored and impactful policy recommendations for organisations, companies, and universities. 

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